Living in Malaysia’s Central

Malaysia’s central region is known as the Greater Kuala Lumpur, or better known as Klang Valley, is the most developed metropolis in the country encompassing Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and its adjoining renowned cities and towns within the state of Selangor, which develops alongside Klang River and its 11 major river tributaries. Aside from Kuala Lumpur, these cities include Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang, Kajang, Ampang Jaya, Selayang, Sepang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, and also other smaller townships that surrounds them.

The Greater Kuala Lumpur is home to more than 7.2 million residents and about 200,000 expatriates, is one of the largest metropolitan in Southeast Asia. With the current on-going constructions of more sophisticated railway systems, highways and roadways; and prominent real estates, shopping malls and offices, the Greater Kuala Lumpur is now on its way to becoming the most modern and vibrant cosmopolitan cities among the emerging Southeast Asian counterparts.

Being at the heart of Malaysia’s economic and business district, the Greater Kuala Lumpur’s real estate market is highly competitive. The Malaysian property market has been on a growth par since the boom started around 2008, and is a constant target by overseas investors and developers due to property prices in this country is still seen as one of the most affordable in the Asian continent despite correspondingly to being one of the most well-developing countries.

Being a multiracial country gives Malaysia’s real estate market an edge in the adaptation of property features and home styles that is suited for all walks of life and from different backgrounds, while harmoniously  introducing modernity and foreign concepts to the real estates, adding more values to their properties with each more interesting than the last. Whether local or foreign purchasers, they will always be able to find a favorite from a pool of a wide variety of developments in the market.

Many Malaysians are starting to realize they are living in a transformative era of the real estate market, in which more often than not, taking opportunities for granted. But little did we know in a decade or two, property prices in Greater Kuala Lumpur will reach its maturity similar to property prices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and Tokyo. One day, Greater Kuala Lumpur will inevitably loses its spotlight as the affordable real estate stardom, paving the way for the next rising stars to emerge.